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Gracer Behavioral Heath Services is now providing a highly successful stop smoking program, Cut Out Smoking, serving Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

Treatment Initial Success*
No Medication 10-15%
Nicotine Replacement (patches, gum, inhalers) 25-30%
Zyban (bupropion) 25-30%
Cut Out Smoking’s Nicotine Blocking Medicine 80-90%

It combines specific non-nicotine medications to manage nicotine cravings with a behavioral support program to help you deal with the emotional stress of trying to stop smoking.

If you’re you seriously ready to quit smoking, you can:

  • Crush your physical addiction to smoking—without withdrawal discomfort.
  • Leave the office after a single treatment—without the urge to smoke.

Nearly 95 percent of smokers who try to quit without help— fail. So don’t try to depend upon will power alone.

Our one-time medical treatment has worked for thousands of smokers since 1986. We use FDA approved medicines that block nicotine receptor sites and prevent withdrawal messages from reaching your brain, making it easier to quit smoking that your ever thought possible.

The Cut Out Smoking Program provides:

  • Powerful tools to address your nicotine dependence
  • Special medications to cope with overwhelming cravings—the hardest part of quitting smoking
  • A four-week support group, lead by a therapist, to help conquer your emotional dependence

Get more details about the Cut Out Smoking Program.

Schedule an appointment by calling 888-884-8897.

*1- Bachynsky N. The use of anticholinergic drugs for smoking cessation: a pilot study. Int. J Addict, 1986 Jul;21(7):789-805
2- Safety and efficacy of an anticholinergic injection used in a community smoking cessation clinic a community smoking cessation clinic. Kirk G. Voelker, MD, presentation, American College of Chest Physicians, October 25, 2004