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Gracer Medical Group Of San Ramon

If you suffer from chronic pain that hasn't been helped by traditional treatments like medications, physical therapy, or surgery — you've come to the right place. We offer the best of all treatment modalities from Western, Chinese, or European medicine to find and treat the root cause of your symptoms, including the understudied yet multiple symptoms related to Covid pandemics.


Progressive Clinic

We go to the root of the problem - and find solutions

Modern Approach

We make use of the groundbreaking research data
What We Do


Here you will be invariably met by a team of professionals trained in services that span primary consultation, diagnosing, second opinion, as well as alternative approaches to treating chronic pain and conditions that cause it.



It is very important to find out what lies beneath your symptoms. We’re up to the task!

Second Opinion

It is always a good idea to be examined by more than one specialist for life-changing input.

Covid-19 Care

Covid management, prevention, and convalescence: medications, vaccinations, consultations.


Keep in touch with your doctor for regular followups and instant answers to your daily questions
medical centre

We provide the best pain-management services for you and your family

Living with pain is living in constant waiting for it to end. This waiting is over when you seek help from our specialists! Fibromyalgia, MS, pain of unclear etiology or idiopathic pain in the wake of the Covid virus – we are willing to look at your problems from a variety of different angles and get to the bottom of it for the best solution!

Frequently asked questions: before you contact us with yours!

We see patients between 9:00 AM to 12 Noon –
2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Consultations, diagnostics, second opinion, Covid prevention, management and recovery care

We are determined to look deeper and closer at what causes your suffering, and try therapies other specialists do not have capacity, time or space to try

Board-Certified Doctors

More than a hundred specialists

Comfortable Offices

Comfortable and friendly atmosphere


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Covid-19 Drugs

Anticonvulsant drugs

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Get in touch!

We answer all queries during 24 hours, but the sooner you get in touch – the better!

5401 Norris Canyon Road, Suite 102,San Ramon, CA 94583
9:00 AM to 12 Noon – 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
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