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> Prolotherapy Study From Practical Pain Management, Oct 2007
Ross Hauser, MD and Marion Hauser MS, RD
Research Paper: This is Dr. Hauser’s study of neck pain patients that he treated with prolotherapy
Web Site: This website has a huge number of papers on many subjects. it is perhaps the best place to find research on prolotherapy
Article: This is a thorough review of the research on RIT up to the date of publication, May 2001
Article: This is an excellent overview of the research to date on the use of prolotherapy for low back pain
Article: Prolotherapy is an effective way to treat ligament and tendon laxity-the actual cause of the most musculoskeletal pain.
> A Protocol for Ozone Enhanced Regenerative Injection Treatment of Ligamentous Spinal Pain
Richard Gracer, M.D.
Article and Research Proposal:
> Treatment of Degenerative Arthritis with Human Growth Hormone – either with or without Intra-articular Ozone an Regenerative Injection Therapy
Richard Gracer, M.D.
Article: Proliferative Therapy, also known as prolotherapy or Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT), is the injection of mild inflammation producing substances onto ligaments and/or tendons, most commonly at their origins and insertions.
> Can the combination of localized “proliferative therapy” with” minor ozonated autohemotherapy” restore the natural healing process?
R.I. Gracer , V. Bocci
Research Paper: