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  • Artist: 1 Pixel Out
  • Title: Interview with Hyla Cass, MD on nutritional psychiatry
  • Genre: interview
  • Length: 55:19 minutes (25.32 MB)
  • Format: Mono 44kHz 64Kbps (CBR)

This hour Dr. Gracer interviews Hyla Cass, MD. Dr. Cass, a board certified psychiatrist, has written nine books, which deal with nutritional treatments for a better life, as well as for specific medical problems. She is noted expert on using nutritional strategies and supplements to treat psychiatric, pain, and addiction problems. Her latest book, Supplement Your Prescription, describes how we can use nutritional strategies to make medications prescribed by your doctor work better, but also how to decrease side effects and other health risks that medications often bring. During this interview Dr. Cass will outline useful strategies that you can use to feel better.

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