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  • Artist: 1 Pixel Out
  • Title: Interview with Chip Fisher on Cranial Electical Stimulation
  • Genre: interview
  • Length: 55:18 minutes (25.32 MB)
  • Format: Mono 44kHz 64Kbps (CBR)

On this show Dr. Gracer interviews Chip Fisher, the president of Fisher Wallace Laboratories and the manufacturer of the Fisher Wallace Cranial Stimulator. This device treats patients with cranial electrical stimulation (CES) and is FDA approved. It is indicated for the treatment of Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety and Stress. .This makes its use important in pain and addiction problems. This device is safe and easy to use in the health practitioner’s office or home. There have many several studies that show the efficacy of this technology and there are several more underway at major medical centers. Hear how this modality can help you.