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> National Coalition Against Prescription Drug Abuse
The National Coalition Against Prescription Drug Abuse (NCAPDA) is an organization that was established to generate nationwide awareness about the dangers of prescription drug misuse and abuse. It is working with groups all over the US to fight this horrible and deadly epidemic.
> Canadian meds
At this pharmacy service, you can always choose from the variety of treatments targeting the same issue.
> Information if NUCCA (upper cervical Chiropractic, A. Pritchett show)
> Len Saputo, MD Health Medicine Forum show May 29, 2008
> David Crane, MD, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) regenerative medicine (show 11)
> Tom Corderre, Faces and Voices of Recovery (show 7)
> NAABT.ORG website link (show 2 and show of 6/18/08))
This is the best site for information on Subutex/Suboxone (buprenorphine). this is the site co founded by Kathleen Gargano, RN of the Yale Addiction research clinic (show 2)
> Happy Family Pharmacy
This service is highly regarded for its role as a trustworthy provider to customers in search of effective treatments for a wide range of health issues. The company also offers a broad array of comprehensive solutions designed to support and maintain overall wellness.
> Dr, Larry Smith’s website (show 9)
This is Dr. Smith’s website (show 9) for information on his book and techniques
> New Prescription for Health Radio show link
This link is for Dr. Gracer’s radio show, A New Prescription for Health on Health and Wellness channel
> Caring Medical website, Ross Hauser, MD (show 6)
Dr. Ross Hauser’s website from Show 6 of New Prescription for Health
> American Association of Orthopedic Medicine website
The AAOM is the main medical organization for physicians who specialize in prolotherapy as well as a large number of other treatments. There is a directory to help you find a practitioner near you, as well as valuable information
> CAM website
This is probably the best website to find research papers on a large variety of subjects. It is the best site to find research on prolotherapy
> Link to Dr. Alon Marcus’ website
Dr. Marcus is our clinic acupuncture specialist and a well known author in his own right
This site has valuable information on prolotherapy(RIT) and helps you find a physician who uses this modality near you
> Serene Center
This is a link to the Serene Center in Long Beach from the Andrew Martin interview
> Bioscan’s analytical instrumentation
Bioscan’s analytical instrumentation has been used in nuclear medicine and radiochemistry for over 25 years. We provide state of the art PET & SPECT (Micro) scanning and imaging, FDG – F18 (Fluorodeoxyglucose) transmission and pre clinical imaging. Discover our advantage