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Leni Felton, Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Leni Felton is a Clinical Nutritionist certified by the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board. She specializes in nutritional therapies and healthy living practices for people with chronic health issues. She has been in private practice since 1995 and is a professional member of the International & American Association of Clinical Nutritionists.

Every nutritional program Leni develops reflects her underlying philosophy: Cleanse, Build, and Balance. Leni developed spa-friendly nutrition and cleansing programs for an award-winning day spa. She was an early practitioner of Metabolic Typing, for which she co-developed and taught a curriculum for doctors and adjunct practitioners. Leni joined the Gracer Medical Group in August 2006.

Two pivotal experiences contributed to her decision to pursue therapeutic nutrition as a full-time career. One was helping to research alternatives with a team who successfully supported a friend’s recovery from a lymphoma diagnosis. The other was the death of her father at age 52 following four years of debilitating and, at the time, little understood panic attacks. One experience was deeply satisfying, allowing her to see that much can be done through nutritional and natural therapies. The other developed compassion for those suffering from conditions thought to be untreatable due to misunderstood or unknown etiologies.