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Alcohol has impacted more people’s quality of life than any other drug. It can destroy your relationships, your health, your life. If you are ready for alcohol addiction treatment in the Sacramento, Oakland or San Jose area, we can help.

When you become addicted to alcohol your brain actually changes. The things that once gave you joy and relaxation no longer have an effect. Alcohol or other drugs become your only avenue to slowing down and relaxing. One way to look at this is that the normal brakes in your brain are gone.

When you’re deprived of alcohol, you feel anxious, depressed and achy. This leads to a strong craving for the solution: another drink. You stop eating properly and alcohol itself becomes toxic to your system. Serious nutritional deficits eventually result, compounding the problem. You are late to work and you can’t think clearly, so your job performance deteriorates. Soon, your spouse has had enough.

It doesn’t have to come to this—many people in Bay Area cities like San Jose seek addiction treatment for their alcohol dependency before they hit bottom. At Gracer Medical Group, we can help you get your life back. Call us today at 925.277.1100 or send an email and let’s get started.

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

At Gracer Medical Group, we serve men and women seeking alcohol addiction treatment in Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento and nearby communities. We have developed a comprehensive program to deal with all aspects of alcoholism. Our program addresses psychosocial and nutritional problems along with providing treatment for the critical changes in the brain that trigger those intense cravings.

We use new treatments, such as the revolutionary new Prometa protocol, that aim at the chemical receptors in the brain. We provide nutritional supplements tailored to each patient’s needs. We also treat depression and anxiety. Our system can give you a real head start on your path to a new alcohol free life.

At Gracer Medical Group, you will get a full comprehensive evaluation before treatment begins. We can then help design the exact program for you.

We see patients for addiction treatment from San Jose to Sonoma in our San Ramon office. In fact, we welcome men and women from the Monterey Bay area as well as from all over the San Francisco Bay Area. We are also known for alcohol and addiction treatment in the Central Valley of California from north of Sacramento to Bakersfield.

The Recovery Maintenance Model

While you can expect to start feeling better soon with treatment at Gracer Medical Group, experience tells us it takes at least a year to begin to repair the underlying damage alcohol addiction can cause. We call our approach the Recovery Maintenance Model (RMM). We expect our patients to be in treatment for at least one year, during which time the program is adjusted to their individual needs. As you recover, you may find you only need an occasional visit with your therapist, or your treatment may necessitate frequent visits to the physician for medication.

Many people do well in recovery for a while, even months, only to relapse if life is hard or if they encounter other triggers. When this happens, we’re ready to implement a change in treatment or even re-treatment with medication. We realize that relapse is a central feature of this disease; the RMM insures that we are there to help prevent and, if needed, to limit the effects of relapse.

For more information on alcohol addiction treatment in Oakland, San Jose and Sacramento, give us a call at 925.277.1100 or send an email. Gracer Medical Group on Norris Canyon Road in San Ramon serves many communities in Northern California including the nearby cities of Walnut Creek, Danville, Dublin and Pleasanton.