Resources: A New Prescription for Addiction

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Psychological Questionnaires and Worksheets

The following list includes the questionnaires and score sheets that are used in this book, as well as the most common questionnaires used by mental health professionals to determine not only the diagnosis, but also the progress of treatment for the most common mood disorders.

  • Gracer Substance Use Questionnaire
  • Change Plan Worksheet
  • Readiness Quadrant Evaluation Test, Rulers and Scoring Sheet
  • Hamilton Depression Scale
  • Beck Anxiety Scale
  • Mood Disorder Questionnaire

Everyone has some of the symptoms and characteristics of most of the problems assessed with these tools, so do not worry if you “see yourself” in some of the questions. Just be as honest as possible in your responses and then use the results to see where you are. By knowing what kind of problems you have, you can seek proper help. You can also retake these tests after you begin treatment to see how you are progressing.